Evaluatie kerkhulpverlening

Geplaatst op november 20, 2023 door IH


In de afgelopen tijd heeft er zowel bij wijk 1 als wij wijk2 tijdens de eredienst een incident rondom de eerste hulp voorgedaan. Deze incidenten zijn door het KHV geëvalueerd, samen met ons adviesbureau Kerkelijke Hulp Verlening; welke punten zouden we kunnen verbeteren en welke zaken tijdens onze jaarlijkse oefenavonden kunnen worden gebruikt om van te leren? Ook u als kerkganger kunt meehelpen aan een goede afhandeling van een incident tijdens de erediensten. Te denken valt aan rustig blijven en de kerkhulpverleners hun werk te laten doen; een andere plaats te zoeken op aanwijzing van de kerkhulpverleners  of uw medewerking te verlenen aan de hulpverlening als daarom wordt gevraagd.  Zo kunnen de getrainde kerkhulpverleners hun werk nog beter doen.

                                         Het college van kerkrentmeesters

Verantwoording collectes / giften (wk-35)

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verantwoording collectes:

Zondag 30 juli 2023
Via Gvit:  €    213,50

Zondag 6 augustus 2023
via  Givt:  €    331,00
Collecten in de kerk:  €    678,50             

Zondag 13 augustus 2023
via  Givt:  €    237,75 
Collecten in de kerk:  €    851,00                                       

Zondag 20 augustus 2023
Via Gvit:  €    266,00
Collecten in de kerk:  €    891,00

Wilt u bij het overmaken via de bank van een gift voor de diaconie vermelden de datum van de betreffende zondag en voor welk doel de gift is bestemd.


verantwoording collectes:

Zondag 30 juli, 6, 13 en 20 augustus (collecteren via Givt)
instandhouding eredienst:  €     905,75
onderhoud gebouwen:  €     753,75

Zondag 30 juli, 6, 13 en 20 augustus (collecteren via bankstortingen)
instandhouding eredienst en onderhoud gebouwen:  €     438,00

Zondag 30 juli (collectezakken tijdens de diensten)
instandhouding eredienst:  €     547,45
onderhoud gebouwen:  €     497,90

Zondag 6 augustus (collectezakken tijdens de diensten)
instandhouding eredienst:  €     602,44
onderhoud gebouwen:  €     621,10

Zondag 13 augustus (collectezakken tijdens de diensten)
instandhouding eredienst:   €     715,00
onderhoud gebouwen:  €     732,65

Zondag 20 augustus (collectezakken tijdens de diensten)
instandhouding eredienst:   €     861,35
onderhoud gebouwen:  €     847,65


Wijk-2: via ds. Van den Berg € 20,00 , € 20,00 , € 50,00 , € 50,00 en € 10,00.


Should You Buy an Essay Online?

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If you are thinking of buying an essay, you have plenty of questions. Some of these questions may be concerning the legality of buying essays online. Others may concern the originality of an essay. In this article, we will discuss these questions. Below, we will look at the factors that you need to consider before you buy an essay online. Also, we will discuss some of the benefits of buying an essay from a writing service. This article will also discuss the importance of originality.

Buying an essay online

There are many reasons why someone would consider buying an essay online. The process is fast, easy, and secure. Make sure you use one of the top payment methods: PayPal or Visa. Other than these, never use a non-secure payment method like cash or check. Buying an essay online is a great way to save money, but you must do your research before making your decision. Read on to find out more about the advantages of buying an essay online.

Experience and expertise are two essential factors to consider when choosing an essay writing company. While you can’t be certain of the writer’s background and experience, you can gauge how long they’ve been in business by their years in the industry. If you are not sure about their experience, you can look at their domain age to find out if they’re legit. Some of these services even have way back machines, which you can use to check their domain age.

Safety is another important aspect to consider when buying an essay online. Make sure the website you choose implements highly secure payment protocols to keep your personal information secure. The payment process is simple. Most essay writing services offer multiple payment options to suit your needs. By following the guidelines below, you can rest assured that your information is kept safe and confidential. Buying an essay online is a safe and secure option. However, make sure you read reviews before making a final decision.

The main advantage of buying an essay online is the ease to have it written for you. You can also find essayists who will give you free revisions in case you aren’t happy with the originality of the essay. However plagiarism is a significant risk. Despite these advantages however, some students prefer to purchase essays online. However, if you’re an extremely stressed student there’s nothing to stop them. It’s a risk you should take and purchasing an essay online is a smart choice to save money.

Legality of buying an essay online

Students http://thauthicong.com/popular-dark-matter-physics/ often wonder about the legality of buying an essay online. While buying a paper from a writing service may not be illegal in most states, some have questioned the practice due to moral and ethical concerns. Some students have also wondered if paying for an essay would create a problem in their course. Here are some things to keep in mind before you pay for an essay. This article will provide some information on the legality of buying an essay online.

Although it is legal to purchase essays but there ethical and moral issues that are associated with this practice. Some may think that buying an essay is unethical but this isn’t the case. Students who require an A can buy essays online legally, and it’s not being dishonest. A writing service has a pool of writers with professional writers who are able to meet the specifications of the assignment.

Purchasing an essay online is secure as long as you follow the guidelines for protecting your privacy. Your personal information should be kept private. Don’t divulge personal information to professional essay writers. To protect your privacy and to prevent being tracked, always use incognito mode. If you want to purchase a custom essay, do your homework first. This will ensure that you receive an essay of high-quality at a reasonable price. If you are worried about your essay’s quality, you can pick from the list of trusted sources and buy one.

The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing an essay online is the source of the paper. The essay you purchase should be used as reference materials and not as a copy of your own work. Essay writing services should be considered reference materials, not cheating tools. This is because these services do not intend to cheat you, but to help you write an essay in a way that is worthy of reference. It is best to seek the advice of a qualified tutor before making the final decision.

Legality of buying an essay from a writing service

One common question regarding buying an essay from a writing service is whether it’s illegal. While purchasing a paper from a writing service is legal, you should always use a legitimate writing service. Working with an unauthorized writing service can result in low grades and even compromised higher studies prospects. Illegal services may employ unprofessional writers, violate privacy policies, or not offer customer support 24 hours a day.

The answer depends on the purpose of the paper. The most common legal use for an essay purchased from a writing service is to use it as a model for a new essay. A professionally written paper will demonstrate how to answer an essay assignment question, how to properly format the paper, how to support each paragraph’s main idea, and what writing process should be followed. Students will then be able to use that paper to write a superior essay.

When researching the legality of buying an essay from a writing website, make sure to check the reviews. Look for reviews from other students who’ve had experience with the service. Reviews are often more trustworthy and relevant than those posted by other students. Those who have received an inferior service will tell their friends and family not to order an essay from a certain website. These tips will help you choose a legitimate essay writing service without getting scammed.

Another important aspect of legality is the use of non-plagiarized material. While most writing services emphasize the use of their products for research purposes, you should always read their terms and policies. If you find a writing service that doesn’t follow these rules, you could be getting a paper that has been plagiarized. If it’s not, the service will not be responsible for it, and it could be embarrassing to your teacher or college.

Importance of originality of an essay

In today’s modern society, originality is more than just a trend; it’s an essential requirement to survive. But you may not be sure whether the essay you buy is original. Here are some ways to be sure. Keeping the paper original means that you should check all sources, crosscheck alleged facts, and synthesize various ideas. If you are writing the essay yourself, you’ll be able to create a better essay than someone else’s.

Originality – Plagiarism is against academic standards. It’s illegal to use a copy of someone else’s work, even if it is only a small portion of it. Plagiarism has been a topic http://www.mon-equilibre.net/index.php/2022/05/04/write-my-essay-paper-why-students-should-order-essays-online/ of intense debate for many years in academia. It is related to scientific validity and academic integrity. Therefore, you must deliver an original paper. To ensure this, you can use free originality checker platforms.

Originality – If you are seeking to buy an essay for an important assignment, you should consider whether the work is truly original. The value of a piece of work is based on its originality. A unique piece of work adds to the field of art. So if you’re looking for an essay that’s original, you should choose a company that offers this service. You’ll be glad you did.

Originality – The most important aspect of any essay is its originality. It’s essential to avoid plagiarism. If you find an essay that’s plagiarized, you risk facing severe legal consequences. The university board can even expel you for pretending to write your own work, so make sure you check the originality of the paper before buying. You should also check the https://jalurdua.com/how-to-write-my-essay-for-money/ reviews of the company to make sure it’s reputable.

Common pitfalls of buying an essay

Whenever you’re in need of an essay, it can be tempting to just buy it from anywhere. But there are several common pitfalls of buying an essay. First, it’s likely that you’ll get caught with plagiarism detection software. The software compares your writing against a massive database of previous works and detects plagiarism. In this situation, you may be justified in thinking that buying an essay is your only way to keep up with the pace.

If you can, avoid buying essays from a non-reliable source. The best sources to find a trustworthy essay writing service are online review websites and newspapers that cover essay writing services favorably. Additionally, look for companies with a geographical phone number and Google StreetView. If the company http://www.woofnyc.com/the-downside-risk-of-thesis-help-that-no-one-is-talking-about-2/ is legitimate, they should display their geographic phone number and their payment processors should be trusted. Once you’ve found a reliable source, you can move on to the next step – choosing the writer who meets your expectations.

Before you buy an essay, ensure that you read it thoroughly and choose material that is relevant and coherent. Don’t pad your essay with inane phrases. Your teacher doesn’t have time for stupidity, so don’t http://www.wijbewegenzodatuvooruitgaat.be/uncategorized/christmas-arts-some-ideas-for-females-fighting-styles-gift-suggestions/ use wording that demonstrates a lack of knowledge. While a teacher will forgive a typo or two, they will never tolerate a piece of writing with obvious mistakes. They will be able to tell if you’ve done your homework and have the right knowledge about the topic.

Buying an essay is convenient, but beware of plagiarism. It may not be ethical or academically sound to submit an essay you bought from another student. However, if you are worried about plagiarism, you should seek support from your university. Moreover, buying an essay is also unethical, so be careful! Consider buying an essay as a model answer. It will help you in improving your writing skills and learning.

What to Look for in a Website to Write My Essay

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There are several sites to assist in writing your essay. These are WritingUniverse, WriteMyEssay , and WriteMyEssay . If you are deciding on which website to use, think about these tips. Before making your final decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages. We’ve also rated each of them in the following table. Learn more about what to search for in an online site to write my essay.


If you’re in search of essay writing assistance, you’ve probably noticed that many of them offer high-quality papers that are affordable. This makes them a great alternative if you’re hoping to receive top grades but without spending a fortune. Their site aims to be reasonably priced while offering top-quality services. In addition, their academic writers have experience in managing all types of assignments. In addition, all of their essays are completely original which means that they’re guaranteed to earn you an excellent mark.

The customer service team at WriteMyEssay can be reached 24/7. You can reach them via live chat, email or a secure check out process. They usually https://sport.citysakh.ru/gornye-lyzhi/ reply within just a couple of hours. Additionally, the company offers the toll-free number to US customers. Their customer service team will respond quickly to any concerns. WriteMyEssay is also one of the most cost-effective essay writing service providers in the US.

WriteMyEssay maintains strict standards of quality and will provide free revisions in the event that they do not meet your expectations. It also provides an unconditional 30 percent cash back assurance for any serious mistakes made by the author. As a result, WriteMyEssay is the most affordable essay writing service , but it promises quality writing. SimplyDoMyEssay is a reliable essay writing service that will deliver the paper you require within a short period of time.


WritingUniverse offers many helpful resources to students. This includes free sample essays along with hundreds of titles that are inspirational. WritingUniverse gives clear and succinct instructions on how various types of essays operate. Students may also utilize the site to make informed choice about which services to decide to use. The website offers a free draft of an essay. Students are also able to send questions to experts to help them write essays. Writinguniverse can help you, whether you’re looking for an essay assignment for your course or for an undergraduate.

You will receive a professional service at a reasonable cost. The writers at WritingUniverse are highly skilled and are knowledgeable of their field. While the WritingUniverse writers are highly professional and experienced but you might be wondering whether they are cheating. These samples are offered at no cost, and demonstrate how an essay is structured and how ideas flow. Though you might be enticed to employ writers to compose an essay for you, it’s still your essay and WritingUniverse does not use plagiarism detection technology.

If you require an academic essay written from scratch or a complete overhaul, WritingUniverse is the answer. WritingUniverse offers high-quality work for cheap prices with a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee online. Though the site may not be as long-established as its competitors, it has created essays for students for over 10 years. The site offers essay writing as well as editing, editing, as well as proofreading and editing services. WritingUniverse provided many students with good grades over a short duration of time.


WriteMyEssay is a fantastic place to purchase essays online. It was criticized for poor service in the past. However, they’ve recently improved their services and now have a high rate of success. They have strict guidelines on writing and will work with the majority of writing assignments. WriteMyEssay could be a fantastic choice. However, the site is adamantly promoting itself, making incorrect assumptions about its competitors and offers poor ratings with no research. If you’re seeking inexpensive essay writing services It is best to avoid WriteMyEssay .

WriteMyEssay is a well-known writing company with an extensive writer database, is reliable. It has over 100,000 satisfied clients and promises an original paper that is completed on time and before the specified deadline. Students will find the company the best option as they can avail discounts and offers. However, there are some issues, including slow response time on customer inquiries. But if you’re prepared to fork out more to get higher quality writing, WriteMyEssay is a good selection.

The prices are reasonable. The minimum price of a page is only $10 this is a significant discount from those of other writing services. High-quality papers are provided. Each purchase comes with one title, https://kittyfaceworld.blogspot.com/2021/06/how-to-make-essay-longer-by-changing.html reference the plagiarism analysis, and a title. The prices start at $10. But, the cost could be higher if you have to do a complicated analysis or lots of references. To view the most popular writers, go to the Top Writers Section of this site.


The WritingMyEssay platform is an online platform for custom essays. You have many options to choose text, and you can even program it. The resultant text can be improvised, intuitive or even artificially intelligent. This program has a basic user interface as well as a great layout. It is possible to get assistance on the web if need it. There are however a few points to be aware of prior to using the app.


Within the multitude of websites that promise to complete my paper for a fee, WritingHelp has several positive factors. The prices for WritingHelp are reasonable that makes it a good alternative for students who are on an extremely tight budget. It also permits students to talk directly to writers. The site has a special messaging service used to allow students to provide additional information about their orders. So, customers can swiftly receive assistance from the experts, and not have the burden of making multiple purchases at once.

Then, WriteMyEssay has been in the industry for quite a long duration. WriteMyEssay has provided essay writing to customers of various standards since the beginning of time and continues to improve. This website delivers unique essays that are free from grammar errors. Every applicant must pass a written test, interview and pass an essay writing test before being hired. The company ensures that only finest writers are recruited and eliminates any risk that you might hire a non-professional writer.

Additionally, GradeMiners can provide an individual approach to each client. The writers at GradeMiners are well-trained and have the necessary experience to be able to satisfy the demands of the most stringent deadlines. They are also attentive to student needs and will ensure that the orders get completed on time. They have been helping students with assignments since 2009, and their writers have years of experience. Their writers are knowledgeable about all academic subjects, even plagiarism. Students who want the work done with professionalism and quickly are likely to find this service to be the best option.


PapersOwl’s website is similar as other well-known products. PapersOwl offers a speedy turnaround time and implements this promise based on the feedback of customers. The company is not as good in customer support compared to its competition. Additionally, there are less http://rccprecast.trirangainfra.com/write-my-paper-cheap-how-to-find-cheap-writers-online/ reviews available online for the company and this can render it less credible. Hence, we would want to offer a short look at PapersOwl and what it can provide its clients.

Writers can be contacted via chat to monitor their progress and keep tabs on the status of their projects. Chat with writers allows customers to make requests for changes or communicate during writing. You can also reject the proposal of the writer, take it up, https://cheryl4nier.blogspot.com/2021/07/how-to-make-essay-longer-website.html or even cancel the contract. If you wish to receive an entire refund, make certain that you submit a evidence. PapersOwl claims to have over 400 writers ready to take the task.

Although some of the features supplied by PapersOwl are completely free However, you could be required to pay a charge in order for your piece to be professionally written. Pricing varies depending on quantity of pages as well as the type. If you are required to buy more than one paper, PapersOwl has a referral program where you can get up to 35 cents for every completed order. Even though PapersOwl http://caligrafiaartistica.com.br/2022/04/21/write-my-paper-hub-review/ is among the top sites to compose my essay, you should take a look at its costs prior to making a choice.

Verkiezing ambtsdragers

Geplaatst op november 17, 2021 door van Eekelen

De kerkenraad heeft in de vergadering van 16 november voor de nog resterende vacatures de volgende dubbeltallen opgesteld:

Voor de vacature van ouderling G.J.C. Molenaar:

G. de Jong Gedempte Haven 1a
J.J. de Koster Wiepstelling 13

En voor de vacature van diaken C. Paans:

A. van Herwijnen Werkensedijk 67
A.H. Versluis Klaproos 60

De stemming zal anders plaatsvinden als we zijn gewend. Op DV zaterdag 27 november kunt u tussen 10.00 uur en 12.00 uur uw stem uitbrengen in de hal van de Dorpskerk. Gebleken is dat het lastig is om tijdens een stemmingsvergadering de onderlinge afstand te bewaren. Leef mee door in uw gebed de vervulling van de vacatures op te dragen en kom stemmen!

Rooster nevenactiviteiten week 48 (ma 23/11 – vrij 27/11)

Geplaatst op november 22, 2020 door A.J.C. van Gammeren

maandag 9 november.

15.30 uur club wijk1 in zaal 1 van de bron.

15.30 uur club wijk1 in de grote zaal van de bron.

18.45 uur club wijk2 in de oppaszaal van de Biesbosch kerk.

18.45 uur club wijk1 in zaal 1 van de bron.

19.00 uur catechisatie wijk2 groep 1 in de consistorie van de Biesboschkerk.

19.00 uur catechisatie wijk2 groep 2 in de kerkzaal van de Biesboschkerk.

Dinsdag 10 november.

18.30 uur club wijk2 in de oppaszaal van de biesboschkerk.

19.30 uur kerkenraad wijk 2 in de kerkzaal van de Biesbosch kerk.

19.30 uur Consistorie vergadering wijk1 zaal1 van de bron

Woensdag 11 november.

18.30 uur club wijk 2 in de oppaszaal van de biesboschkerk.

18.45 uur club wijk1 in grote zaal van de bron.

19.00 uur Catechisatie wijk2 in de kerkzaal dorpskerk.

19.00 catechisatie wijk1 groep Ds van der Neut in de kerkzaal van de biesboschkerk .

19.00 uur catechisatie wijk1 groep van Henri Dekker in consistorie l van de biesboschkerk.

20.00 uur belijdenis catechisatie wijk1 in de bovenzaal van de Biesbosch kerk.

Donderdag 12 november.

19.00 uur club wijk 2 in de oppaszaal van de biesboschkerk.

19.30 uur doopcatechese wijk1 in zaal 1 van de Bron.

Vrijdag 13 november.

Gebedsgroep wijk2 in zaal 1 van de bron.